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What are the benefits of Hot Stone Massage Therapy

What is Hot Stone Massage?

Hot Stone Massage is an ancient practice that uses heated natural Basalt stones that are placed on precise points along the body to create soothing pressure. These stones are rich in Iron and so retain heat longer. Hot Stone Massage is performed by rubbing the muscles with long gliding strokes in the direction of the blood returning to the heart to enhance the positive effect of this Massage. Hot Stone Massage benefits include relaxation, stress release, help with back pain, and improvements to depression or anxiety.

How does it work and what does it feel like?

Our Hot Stone Relaxation place the stones in warm water to heat them within the precise temperature of between 120 and 130 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Hot Stone Massage starts with a traditional Swedish Massage to prepare the muscles. The therapist then places the hot stones on key acupuncture points on the body. The weight and heat of the stones relax the muscle to allow deeper pressure during the massage.

Using massage oil and long gliding strokes the therapist will massage the neck, back, arms and legs with and without stones.

Allow plenty of time for your hot stone treatment. If it is your first time, we will ask you to complete a pre-treatment health questionnaire. Avoid eating a heavy meal or drinking alcohol prior to the treatment.

Feeling good is good for you – what are the benefits?

The effects of stress are felt throughout the body and can manifest in the form of headaches, upset stomach and as a general feeling of fatigue. Hot Stone massage promotes healing by targeting the deeper layers of muscle and delivers a wealth of benefits increasing your lymphatic flow and encouraging your body to remove waste products.

Some other benefits of this Massage include:

  • Helps with Pain relief especially in people with conditions such as fibromyalgia and other autoimmune

  • Aids in Stress Reduction by improving cardiovascular responses

  • Promote Sleep by reducing of sleep disturbances, improving quality of sleep, and enhancing comfort level

  • Boost Immunity by increasing the Lymphocytes cells that help white blood cells fight infection in the body.

  • Improves Circulation by expanding the blood Vessels allowing more oxygen to get to the Muscles which means more toxins move out of the blood stream.

Who can benefit from Hot Stone Massage?

Hot Stone Massage Therapy helps people who suffer from:

  • Stress

  • Back pain

  • Muscular Pain

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Insomnia

  • Depression or anxiety

  • Poor circulation

You can learn more about Hot Stone Relaxation Massage today by visiting our website and seeing what we believe in and how we can help you relax with a Hot Stone Massage treatment.

People who suffer from high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, Varicose veins, Migraines, rheumatoid arthritis, decreased pain sensitivity, recent wounds, areas of weakened or inflamed skin, tumors, metal implants, recent chemotherapy, radiation or surgery or are on medication that thins the blood and pregnant women are recommended not to try Hot Stone Massage.

If these benefits sound appealing, you can treat yourself to a Hot Stone Relaxation Massage at Pearl Sauna & SteamBath; with easy online booking and direct billing, this can be a convenient way to see a qualified Hot Stone Relaxation Massage

What is the difference between Hot and Cold Stone Massage?

While Hot Stone called Thermotherapy expands blood Vessels and helps to draw blood through the body and rid it of waste and is used to help patients increase circulation, decrease joint pain etc.

Cold Stone Massage is called Cryotherapy and contracts blood vessels and stimulates the nervous system it also helps to pull excess heat out of inflamed areas easing muscular injury and reinvigorating the body and is used to help patients with reducing inflammation or redness, decrease tension headaches, heal acute injuries etc.

How can you prepare for your Hot Stone Massage treatment?

Knowing what to expect during you Hot Stone Massage makes the event less worrisome making the entire experience a beneficial one. So why not Book a Hot Stone Relaxation Massage Online today and begin to enjoy its many benefits. The treatment can address your entire body, however you can request a full body treatment or focus on a specific issue. Preparation is similar to that of a regular massage. Do remember that this treatment may use oil to help the stones slide over your skin.

Here are some tips and suggestions that can make your hot stone massage, a thoroughly soothing and memorable experience.

    Prepare your body for the Massage

  • When massage oils or lotions mix with dirt, perspiration and oils on your body, the result can be a grainy sensation, so it is recommended to shower before the massage.

  • Drinking enough fluids one day prior to your massage.

  • Avoiding leg-shaving on the day of the massage, as rashes or burns could result.

  • Informing our massage therapist of any allergies or health problems that you have.

  • Relaxing during the massage

  • Sometimes this can be easier said than done, when you have stressed out. Listen to the music playing in the background, have a light conversation with the therapist to help clear your mind, or focus on you breathing for a few minutes. Use meditation to transform your mind into blank.

  • Proper care after the massage

  • After your Massage to prolong your feeling of relaxation, increase our water and Salt intake. The Hot Stone causes your body to lose fluids through perspiration, rest a while immediately after the massage.

  • Continue with regular Hot Stone massage

  • While a hot stone massage can relax your body, the possibility always exists that your muscles could tighten up within time. So, make sure periodically to avail of massages.